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We provide seminars and workshops that combine leadership theory
with practical hands-on work with horses.

Our one-day program is designed to allow you to explore your leadership
and team work strengths and weaknesses. You will do this by learning
and using a new language—the language of the horse.
This language is based on the body not words. Horses have a great ability
to develop a relationship with the human that responds
to honesty and clear communication.

Horses don’t lie—you can learn to be appropriately assertive.

Horses are herd animals and respond to group leadership.

You won’t have to ride—all work is done on the ground in a safe setting.

You can become closely engaged with the horses, or you can watch others, but
learning to communicate with horses is an experience not to be missed.

The approach is based on psychological, organisation behaviour
and group dynamics knowledge.

You will learn to extend your leadership though methods that give you
focus, clarify your role, afford you awareness of your body language
and emotional expression and aid you in finding the right balance
between authority, assertiveness, attentiveness and responsivity.


Ask us about programs adapted to the special needs of you and your company.