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It truly was one of the most inspirational days I have spent in my career!

Rita Lawrence     
General Manager Clinical Services     
Sir Moses Montefiore Jewish Home      

I would not have believed that I could lead a horse through an obstacle course without using any form of physical connection (such as a bridle), but that is exactly what I was able to do by the end of the day. Learning the 'language of the horse' provided a highly engaging, practical and memorable way of developing my leadership skills and reflecting on the true effectiveness of my communication.

Robert Pease     
Management Consultant     

It was a very uplifting experience with some fascinating key insights that I felt were directly transferrable to everyday life in terms of leading and managing people – how do you create followership? how do you create a level of trust in short space of time?  the way emotions effect behaviour, but are visible if you take the time to look, and the human tendency to push into pressure when this may not be the best way – certainly a long list and plenty of food for thought – an experience that has stuck with me long after completing the class.

Angela Bridges     
Organisational Consultant     

I recommend this workshop to others wanting to explore and experience transformational leadership up close and personal.  An insightful and thought provoking encounter that continues to have a resounding impact on my practice. I continue to discuss this workshop with those who genuinely care to listen.  The day was an experience I continue to treasure.

Sally Rylatt     
Organisation Development Manager     
Victoria Legal Aid     

I’ve attended the Leadership Whispering training course twice led by Susan Long, PhD and David Russell (2015/16).  I’m a trained psychologist working for the Victorian Spectrum Personality Disorder Service in psychotherapist and consultant roles. The expression “You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” is something that I’ve literally faced many times in my work with individuals and systems. By learning the “language of the horse” the theories of human communication and leadership have made more sense.  Getting instantaneous feedback from horses resulted in a steep learning curve on a visceral level.    I’ve deepened my understanding of the meaning of concepts such as:  letting go of control, respecting the difference in the mind set; returning to the basics as many times as required; the importance of the ongoing emotional connection and clear communication & understanding the process of creating desire for learning in the other etc. I would highly recommend this course for professional and personal learning.  It has been very refreshing and good for the soul.

Radmilla Semec     
Victorian Spectrum Personality Disorder Service     

Little did I know what I would leave with. We had several teachers. The workshop was co led by Susan Long and Dave Russell, where we used the facilities of the Damina Equestrian Centre, in Narre Warren North.  Our other teachers were the horses themselves. We had practical ‘hands on’ experience with Susan, Dave and five horses at different times of the day, in a supportive environment. While one can think one is being respectful, and ‘listening’, being aware of our own and each other’s emotions, what stood out in this environment, was that, wordlessly, the horses would let us know where we needed to pay more attention to those ways of being. The need to ‘say what we mean, and mean what we say’, was also a challenge, but it was a basic premise, so the horse could, (after she had gained our respect and vice versa), know what was expected. The calm and relaxation that followed after this balance was achieved, provided the milieu for the learning that then ensued for horse and human. This learning was palpable. The relationship of all these factors, to our leadership styles, was always in the forefront of the exercises, usually wordlessly. Thanks Susan, Dave and fellow students, for an amazing day.

Helen Goodman     
Research Officer     
Sacred Heart Mission